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Stencib is a self-adhesive stencil that is affordable, reliable and reusable and can be used on any surface - stencils for walls, furniture, clothing and more!

We offer a variety of designs and sizes for our stencils. We also allow the customer to design their own stencil and we will make it for them.

Our Story

I come from a large family (14 kids - my parents were saints!). Naturally, we have a large circle of friends. Among my circle, I am known as the guru of decorating. During Halloween and Christmas, I'm sure my holiday lights can be seen by satellite. Believe it or not, tour buses have been known to drive by my house to stare at my decorations! Because of my decorative style, my friends call me Z...

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From the Blog

Zsa Zsa's Thoughts

June 14, 2014

I am so excited about finally getting this up and running.  Thank God for the younger generation.  It took my...

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